Brief History of  Julie Donli Kidney Foundation (JKDF)


Julie Donli Kidney Foundation was registered on the 22nd day of December 2014.

The Idea was conceived by Barrister Julie Eniekedou Donli, a lawyer and a chartered secretary whose experience spurred her into the dream of a kidney foundation.

In 1981, her mother Mrs. Helen Okah of blessed memory was diagnosed with acute renal failure, she happened to be the first dialysis patient in the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi Araba Lagos.

In 1982, Mrs. Helen Okah went to Jaslok Hospital Mumbai for a transplant.

The kidney was donated by her brother who was only 20years old at the time and a perfect match. Unfortunately her body rejected the kidney and she had to resume dialysis once again.

She struggled with the disease undergoing long hours of dialysis until she finally gave up the fight on the 15th day of February, 1984 a day after Saint Valentine’s Day.

Julie Donli was only 18years old and so traumatized to see her mother suffer for three long years till she gave up the fight at a very young age of 43years.

That experience, inspired her to set up the Julie Donli Kidney Foundation over 30 years after, when she realised that the disease had assumed an epidemic proportion in Nigeria.


Aims and Objectives of Julie Donli Kidney Foundation (JDKF)